Educate Yourself on All Things Magic Mushrooms

What to look for when buying magical mushrooms?


Magical mushrooms recently came to the attention of the researcher showing a lot of potential in dealing with different medical conditions and providing necessary relief to the patients. Magical mushrooms are also known as psilocybin mushrooms and they are among the list of top psychedelic drugs out there. Psilocybin belongs to a rare group of fungi having intoxicating and hallucinating properties. Due to severe side effects, magic mushrooms are illegal in most parts of the world, and using or buying mushrooms could get you in trouble with law enforcement agencies. With the revelation of medicinal uses, researchers are discussing magic mushrooms on all forums make it one of the hot topics in the field of alternative medicine. 

Those in favor of magic mushrooms debate based on social surveys where psilocybin mushrooms are given to the patients of anxiety, people suffering from alcohol addiction, and people suffering from chronic pain. All the people have shown positive results in managing the medical conditions and eventually overcoming the disease. Along with anxiety and depression, magic mushrooms show great potential in treating psychological behaviors and repairing brain cells. With all the medicinal benefits in front of us, we cannot deny the importance of magic mushrooms in the field of medicine.

How to get magical mushrooms:

Listening to both sides of stories, people get confused about whether magic mushrooms are good or they are marijuana 2.0 destroying the lives of teens. Now with the introduction of microdosing, magic mushrooms are offering more benefits and if you are looking for a guide or place to get your dose of magical mushrooms then you are at the right place. We will get you all the basic information which can help you in getting magic mushrooms. With the information at hand, you can choose which venues suit you more and how you can get psilocybin mushrooms.

Buying Magic Mushrooms from the dark web:

Buying questionable items online might get you in trouble with your local laws and customs. As magical mushrooms are labeled as an illegal drug, there is a risk of getting wrong consignment or consignment getting stuck at customs. To avoid getting tracked, illegal items can be bought through the dark web. The major issue with the dark web is that you don’t know about the seller and the authenticity of the product. A product might reach you somehow but the quality of magic mushrooms will still be questionable. So, if you are looking to get psilocybin mushrooms online, then you might want to think again.

Getting magic mushrooms from a local source:

If you are not very social or know a lot of people in the community then finding a local dealer that sells magic mushrooms is going to be very tough. The go-to option of people is their local weed dealer but the risk of getting caught or getting your identity revealed is too high. You will be extremely lucky if you find a trusted shrooms dealer in your neighborhood. Getting your favorite product will get much easier if you find a trusted source that can hook you up with magic mushrooms and you can start microdosing magical mushrooms right away.

Important things to know before buying magic mushrooms:

Magic mushrooms are not like any other product that you can identify perfectly. There are numerous cases where people consumed poisonous mushrooms when they wanted to get magic mushrooms. People always act smart that they know exactly what they are doing and they can differentiate between eatable and poisonous mushrooms. So, it is best to take the advice from a professional or seasoned person to get you right mushroom. You don’t want to round up in the ER by taking some poisonous mushroom and ruin the night that you were planning with little magic mushrooms.

Buying from trusted online shops:

You need to expand your search horizon if you didn’t find any magic mushrooms from dark web or local dealers. There are countries in which magic mushrooms are legal or the laws are not too strict regarding the consumption of magic mushrooms. You can get shrooms in those countries quite easily.

  • In Canada, there are private dispensaries that sell magic mushrooms to the people suffering from certain medical conditions. You need to act smart and you can order yourself a perfect microdose of magic mushrooms.
  • If you are in Netherland and you love magic mushrooms then you are in luck. Netherland is among those countries that are not very strict regarding the use of magic mushrooms. In Amsterdam, you can easily get magic mushrooms from coffee shops and dispensaries. In addition to that, some shops sell magic mushrooms online so you just have to place the order and your mushrooms will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • In the past, Mexico used to host people that want to enjoy magic mushrooms. But with changing laws, these mushrooms got ban here as well. But still, some shops and local dealers grow and sell magic mushrooms in discretion. 
  • Brazil is one of the countries where authorities overlook these types of illegal deals. Although magic mushrooms are illegal, due to relaxed law, there is numerous shop that sells magic mushrooms online and you can get them easily without getting involved with the law-enforcing authorities. 


Despite being illegal, magic mushrooms are still finding a way to stay connected with the user. End users argue that magic mushrooms are helping them to get better lives. You need to be very cautious when buying magic mushrooms from any source as you are compromising your safety just to get an illegal drug. Is does not matter that you are using it for medicinal purposes, as long as psilocybin mushrooms are illegal; your safety is at risk. Just like weed is getting legalized in a different part of the world, psilocybin mushrooms can also be legalized if enough evidence were found in favor of the medical field. So, all you got to do is to stay updated regarding new advancements in the field of magic mushrooms and always prioritize your safety over buying magic mushrooms.

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