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How to Consume Magic Mushrooms

How to consume magic mushrooms: Some people use magic mushrooms for recreational purposes and some use it for its medicinal properties. The lower dosage of psilocybin that is an active chemical component of magic mushroom can treat anxiety disorder, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Knowing how to consume magic mushrooms properly will increase your chances of achieving the desired outcome you are looking for.

If you are looking for a spiritual trip you need a higher dose. It will cause hallucinations and you will experience the spiritual world of euphoria. A sense of ecstasy and exultation will capture your mind. The reality of this world and beyond can be experienced by administering a correct dose of psilocybin.

Excess of anything is not good for health. If you are new to magic mushrooms, taking the correct dosage is the key. There are multiple magic mushroom dosage calculators available on the internet that can help you administer a correct dose.  

Once you take magic mushroom you should be prepared for 6 to 8 hours of altered consciousness. It is always a good idea to ensure a safe environment before taking psilocybin. The effects of magic mushrooms can last up to 8 hours. In that time user might experience hallucinations and intensified colored visions.

How to consume magic mushrooms

The easiest and simplest way to consume magic mushrooms is to eat it. By chewing magic mushrooms thoroughly it will be easily digested. Once digested psilocybin will start to enter the bloodstreams and start reacting with serotonin in your brain. It will take around 30 to 45 minutes for psilocybin to start reacting. It is highly recommended not to eat much before and after consuming magic mushrooms.  

You can also use a truffle grinder to make a paste and swallow it. In this way, you don’t have to chew the whole mushroom.  If you still don’t like to swallow the paste, you can make a nice cup of tea with crushed mushrooms in it. 

Some people don’t like the taste of mushrooms, so it is easier to make a mushroom tea. Just take a pan and throw some crushed mushrooms in it along with water. Heat the pan slowly, don’t overcook it or active components of mushrooms might get destroyed. Let the tea rest for some time.  

If you like to idea of micro-dosing, then you should consider taking magic mushroom capsules. These small capsules will provide you with the minimum amount of psilocybin to keep you functioning. These small doses are considered micro-dosing. 

Micro dosing capsules can be taken throughout the day, such a small dose of psilocybin won’t affect your normal life. Mushroom is not among the tastiest edibles, so people usually prefer mushroom capsules. Capsules are easy to take, easy to carry and they do not taste bad.     

The micro-dosing experience can be altered by administering the dose of mushroom inside the capsule. Users consider magic mushroom a supplement which makes them more creative. It enhances the positivity by elevating the energy level. Some users also experience an intensified focus by administering small doses of magic mushroom.

Dosage of Magic Mushroom

  • 0.5g

As we discussed earlier 0.5g is considered to be the microdose. It can be taken in the form of capsules. It creates a feeling of slight euphoria. It will not cause hallucinations, instead, it will induce sharp focus and enhanced creativity. 

  • 1.75g

1.75g is considered to be the standard dose. Some people might feel a hint of hallucination because this dose is slightly on the lower end. As compared to microdose, it will heighten the senses. It will induce the relaxation and calming effect of psilocybin. Heightened senses may include brighter colors, lights, sounds, and touch.    

  • 3.5g

This is double the standard dose. This means it will induce twice the effect. The heightened senses should be quite visible at this stage. Brighter colors, enhanced sense of smell, and sound. Hallucination will be apparent to some newer users. 

  • 4.5g

This does is not recommended for new users. The senses will be heightened, colors will be brighter, and the sound will be louder. Hallucinations will be at their peak, you will experience a full trip down the spiritual tunnel. 

  • 5g

This is considered to be the strongest dose of all. It will cause extreme hallucinations, emotional responses will be extremely strong. It is highly recommended you do not administer these doses alone.  

Magic Food

Add magic mushroom to foods and make them magic foods. Adding mushrooms into your daily diet will not only enhance the taste but also the high feeling. It is obvious that magic mushrooms can be added to any edible product. If you are looking for ideas there are numerous delicious recipes out there.  

The important thing to keep in mind is that the mushroom should be added in the last step. If you cook the mushroom too much it will eliminate the psilocybin effect from it. Excess heat will break down the chemical composition of mushrooms. By adding the mushroom at the last step of your food cooking process will ensure the integrity of mushroom stays intact. 

Enhancing the Mushroom pleasure

It is believed that taking lemon with a magic mushroom enhances pleasure. It is one of the quickest fixes to intensify the mushroom trip. The acidic nature of lemon reacts with psilocybin and in return, you get an intense mushroom trip. 

Users believe that lemon not only intensifies the trip, but it will also act as a catalyst for the psilocybin to act faster. It is a simple but effective party trick for a better trip. 

Just add some mushrooms into your lemonade or swallow the mushrooms and they drink lemonade. Although lemonade will not be as effective as eating a raw lemon, it will give you an idea. 

Mushroom has been used for centuries now. They were used as cultural, spiritual, and medicinal use in different cultures. It is illegal in most parts of the world but it is considered one of the safest recreational drugs. It is highly recommended to administer the dosage if you are using it for the first time. Start with small doses and work your way up. How to consumer magic mushrooms properly is the first step, enjoy responsibly, and have fun!

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