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Why Young Adults Love Shrooms

Love Shrooms Introduction:

Love Shrooms or magic mushrooms are a special type of mushrooms containing psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive compound. Psilocybin is among the highly intoxicating compound with psychedelic properties. Due to its intoxicating nature, consumption in large quantities can cause you hallucinations and lost control. So, under federal laws, the use of shrooms is considered illegal and not safe to use. Psilocybin is rated as Schedule 1 drug the same as marijuana and there are high chances of misuse. As per the FDA, there are no medicines that have shrooms in it so medical use is not accepted by the FDA. In the past magic mushrooms were used and adopted by different cultures to fell the state of trance as they have hallucinating properties. Magic mushrooms can be ingested along with or drying it up and mixing it with the drinks. It can also be consumed fresh by plucking it directly, but the effect of raw mushrooms might be more severe than mixing it with food or drink. By ingested a large number of shrooms, you might expose yourself to nausea, drowsiness, state of hallucination, and psychosis. 

Shrooms and young couples:

Magic mushrooms are used in the past as well to treat anxiety and depression. Teenagers started using it as a recreational drug to spend time tripping on their favorite songs and enjoying the moment then and there. Hippies also adopted mushrooms to open the inner door of spiritual awakening. With hallucinating properties, they feel that they are closer to finding the spiritual answers that they were looking for. In modern times couples also started to consume shrooms together to spice up their relationship. Many couples clear their calendar for the weekend, dim the lights of the room and consume magic mushrooms together. They love to get intoxicated in the company of each other. They claim that they never express their love for each other enough due to busy life routines. Love shrooms allow them to express their emotions freely and they could understand each other better under the influence of magic mushrooms. After spending time together and doing everything together, they need something new to keep the relationship thriving and joyful. Shrooms often serve as a token or special activity that couple plan for their anniversaries. With the mind at a relaxed state and soul spiritually healed, couples intend to continue their relationship for much longer as now they know everything about each other. Under the effect of magic mushrooms, couples talk their hearts out. They explain how they want their relationship to grow and what to avoid. In addition to this, researchers also claim that with a mind at a relaxed state, the couple experienced lasting and intense love sessions binding them closer and always in the arms of each other.

Staying in a relationship for a long time, we might start to miss the small details that we noticed like on the first date, first kiss, slow seduction, and watching favorite shows together. We prioritize our routines to the dedicated maximum time for our partners. With time, the relationship starts to fade away and we do not pay attention to the small details that we used to do. Here shrooms play a great role by providing a chance to access the relationship without judging or pointing out fingers. Couples could go through the journey of what they have built together and where they require more effort to keep the relationship stronger. As easy as it sounds, it is not only shrooms that are making the couples to come closer but their dedicated efforts to keep their relationship alive. 

How to recognize shrooms:

Magic mushrooms or Love shrooms are just like ordinary mushrooms with a white stem and dark brown cup. The Center part of the mushroom is in light brown. Psilocybin powder is mostly in rusty brown color and talking about liquid psilocybin, it is in clear brown color. Liquid psilocybin is also a naturally occurring drug that has intoxicating properties and you can get it in small vial form. Shrooms can be consumed directly or you can also smoke the tried shroom with cannabis or tobacco for a more intense experience. You can also take your daily dose along with your favorite food and drink and enjoy the relaxing properties of magic mushrooms. You always make sure that you are consuming the magic mushrooms as magic mushrooms are like poisonous mushrooms. So, you don’t want to intake poisonous mushrooms as they can cause serious organ damage, illness, and in rare cases death. So, always make sure that you know what you are putting in your system. 

Common Effects of Shrooms:

The hallucination effects of magic mushrooms are considered dangerous because they can open the flood gates of emotions that you don’t want to express especially in front of your partners. If you are under the influence of the shroom, you are likely to get into an accident as you don’t have control over your body and everything you feel is like a slow-motion movie. People are also enhancing the psychoactive effects by consuming mushrooms with alcohol and increase the risks of damaging vital organs and disturbing the health severely. Consumers offer feel little trippy as they are relaxed but the situation can escalate to drowsiness and in extreme cases, convulsions can happen as well. To get around how severe shrooms can damage our health how important role they can play in mending the relationships, more research is required. There are cases where couples explained how shrooms have changed their lives around and played a pioneering role in strengthening the relationship. Consuming mushrooms for a long time may result in personality change completely. In worst-case scenarios, people lose track of time completely and start hallucinating things that disturb their peace and put them in a state of anxiety and mental depression. Will you love shrooms as much as other young adults?

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